Roller Chile is a national company specialized in the manufacture and sale of roller blainds that are a solution for extreme temperatures. They allow each user to manage gradualities in the income of both the cold and the heat according to each need. Our roller blainds of last generation contain the highest international standars that give as result an efficient solar reduction.
The sale of roller blainds nowaday not only involves to give an answer to extreme heat and cold, we also take charge of giving to our customers a solution in roller blainds considering not only the functioning, but also the elegance, enviroment and typical own style of every exigence.
Roller Chile specialists in giving solutions to solar reduction.

roller blinds

Traditional Roller Blinds with blackout cloth, traditional roller blinds with Sunscreen fabrics in different openings, and in the natural line we find textured-designed roller blinds of elegant lines and colours.

twist shades blinds

We also offer twist shades blinds where there are two lines. The first is a fusion between a transparent + another textured fabric and the second line is a transparent fabric + another blackout.

printed roller blinds

Printed roller blinds allow both individuals and companies to customize different requirements, including patterns, photos, illustrations, colors, logos and images